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Here's the Demo of the Windows Version of PTAEDA2.IV, the growth-and-yield (g&y) model we've used and written about since 1983. It's the only individual-tree, distance-dependent g&y model for loblolly pine. You must work at learning to use it; showing the simultaneous growth of hundreds of trees on one acre is very complicated matter.

This is just a Demo. We have fixed Site Index at age 25 (SI-25) at 60 (fairly low) and maximum rotation at 25 years. Otherwise it acts like the real thing. You'll enjoy removing one tree at a time in the graphical thinning mode.

If you need help, call us at 800+455-4568, or e-mail us at Don't be bashful; we love to help. When you want the real thing, send us $250, and we'll email it to you. We'll also give you specs for proper measurement of samples of existing plantations and the correct formula for calculating SI-25.

Here is a link to an article that will help you understand about Establish Quality Boost (EQB), which is used in PTAEDA2V.




1. Double Click on PTAEDAV.EXE: It will ask you to save to disk or run from this location. Click save to disk.

2. It will ask to specify location on your computer to save it; save it to your desktop.

3. Click on PTAEDAV.EXE on desktop. The installation wizard guides you through the installation process. If you accept the default choices in the wizard, after installation is complete, the PTAEDAv-DEMO program will be accessible by clicking on "Start Button" on the Windows desktop, then choosing "Programs."

4. The PTAEDAV folder will then show on the list next to "Programs." Choose the PTAEDAV folder, then click on the PTAEDAV-DEMO icon that pops up. The Ptaedav-Demo will start.

5. A big window with small window inside will appear on screen. Click on square box top right corner to maximize both windows.

6. On the toolbar across the top will be an icon with green trees. Click on the icon to start a stand table. Fill in Blanks with your inputs. It will display the initial growth stand you requested.

7. On the toolbar across the top you will see a second icon with green trees. This icon is for your thinning and fertilization options. This icon only appears after you have run your initial stand.

8. Click on the second icon to run your thinning tables. When you click on graphical thinning, the trees will appear. You can click on 3D to view them in tree form; click on 3D again to view in round tree form. The icon beside 3D with a T in the middle is how to quit treescape. This will help you get started. Read Help for all other functions.